Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday in Words (#3): The Wooden Sky-"Oslo"

Here's the next installment of a new feature we started up a few weeks back, taking a closer look at some songs and lyrics that have gotten to us in one way or another. This week were taking another look at a song off of The Wooden Sky's fantastic new album, If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone, which we've been heaping praise on the last few months, and the track "Oslo."
Look out for the beautiful backing vocals on this one by Debra-Jean Creelman.

Oslo - The Wooden Sky

The Wooden Sky-"Oslo"
I woke up this morning with dead leaves inside my bed
You said "You're better off just where you are
than to be stuck in my head
You've got to leave it all behind you
and give yourself up to chance"
So I gave myself to chance

And I packed a little suitcase
Brushed my teeth and washed my hands
I'd been bluffing here for years
and now I think it's time I showed my hand
I'm going to move to New York City
and set the sky on fire
Oh don't the night look so alive
with it's desire

to cross the River Jordan?
But it just don't feel the same
When I came home Friday morning
With no one but myself to blame

See I have trouble with numbers
and paying the ones I owe
I put what I had left in the pocket of my coat
I went out to find a liquor store
and make a home there in the snow
Give myself a little shelter from the cold

I was bound here by my choices
Oh my god how I felt so ashamed
Still I hoped that you might join us
And take this little light of ours out on parade

I used to look at others trying to find some way to grow
And now I just look around me
I'm going to reap the seeds I've sown
I try to picture myself in Oslo
But lord help me if I go
I've been running around
and I believe it's starting to show

So I'll cross the River Jordan
If it just don't feel the same
and I'm not home Friday morning
I'll have no one but myself to blame

The Wooden Sky - A Documentary In Pieces Part 1 (SD) from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.

for tour dates and other info visit The Wooden Sky on myspace.

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