Friday, September 11, 2009

The Devil's Loose: A.A. Bondy Live at the Mercury Lounge 9/09/09

Fresh off the release of his second full length, When The Devil's Loose, which dropped last week, A.A. Bondy stopped by The Mercury Lounge in NYC as part of his current headlining tour. While Bondy's brand of sincere Americana can have a very old school vibe to it, making you feel like taking a trip out on the old Route 66, there's also an ever present menacing quality to his music. Seeing him live for the first time it was clear right from the get go, with the brooding opener, "The Mightiest Of Guns" that the dark side of his music could take hold and capture the room. The intensity level was high all night, with yells and whistles from the crowd between and during songs, which Bondy said was full with lot's of friends and family. Playing with a drummer and bass player, A.A. switched between electric and acoustic guitar breezing through new songs like, "When the Devils Loose", "Oh The Vampyre" and personal favorite off the new disc "I Can See The Pines", while older tracks off of '07's 'American Hearts', received the biggest reception. "There's a Reason" had the crowd singing along, as well as "Vice Rag", which was complete with perfectly timed handclaps by the audience, which Bondy seemed to fully appreciate. Other highlights of the night included new song "The Coal Hits The Fire" and older track "Killed Myself When I Was Young" which was scorched through by the band, including a nice solo By A.A.
Following his current September dates, Bondy will be heading overseas with The Felice Brothers, before returning to the U.S. for a three-week tour with Elvis Perkins in Dearland in November. You can check his myspace for all the dates.

Backstage Sessions : AA Bondy - The Mightiest of Guns from Hard to Find a Friend on Vimeo.

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