Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Video: Wake Owl- "Wild Country"

Wake Owl‘s new video for “Wild Country” taken from their debut EP of the same name. Out now via Vagrant Records

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Song of the Week: Small Houses- "Oh, Hiding Out"

I gotta give a little love to fellow blogger's Songsfortheday and Slowcoustic for turning me onto the work of Jeremy Quentin and his indie/folk project Small Houses. A Michigan native, Quentin is now based out of Philadelphia and his latest album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be hits outlets today via Yer Bird Records. There's something about this album that has a classic old nostalgic feel to it, and for me it's highlighted by the simple harmonica filled track, "Oh Hiding Out."
Small Houses is out on tour now in support of the new disc, and I'm pretty stoked to find out that he'll be making an appearance down at SXSW on March 17th. For more info and to keep up with all the latest tour info you can visit his website HERE.

Small Houses- "Oh, Hiding Out"
Well I'm staying with a friend down on 20,
where the yelling ain't that hard,
and the yelling ain't that hard.

And the boys they're gonna shout with the living,
and stay just where they are,
stay just where they are.

I got a year to miss with every town I'm in,
and a girl just to break my heart.

And on the weekends we can drive into the city,
where the leavings left and far,
the leavings left and far.

Well St. Louis isn't gone, no it's hidden,
and waiting in my voice,
waiting in my voice.

And the boys, they hear my block when they listen,
and sing with every noise,
sing with every noise.

I got a year to miss with every town I'm in,
and a girl just to break my heart.

And although I said I meant it when I didn't,
let's dream of Illinois,
dream of illinois.

I got a year to miss with every town I'm in,
and a girl just to break my heart.
Well Sarah I can't lift just too much more than this,
there's my head, this town, and arms.

So, I'm staying with a friend down on twenty,
where the yelling ain't that hard,
and the yelling ain't that hard.

more at

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack River- "Head to Stars"

Jack River is a project formed around the musical writings of Holly Rankin. Last week she released her first ever single titled, "Head to Stars" which will appear on her forthcoming debut album, On Nature. The LP should be available in March through MGM/Jack River Records.

Friday, February 22, 2013

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Night Beds- "Lost Springs" (Classroom 125 Session)

I think of two things when I watch the latest Classroom Session from the kids at Lawrence High School in Kansas. One, that this has to be the coolest High School in the country and two, why was my High School so damn lame. I've been obsessing over the new album Country Sleep from Night Beds lately, so any chance to see a new take or fresh piece of music from them I'm all over it. Check out this wonderful full band version of "Lost Springs" below, and stick around for the interview after the song.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tim Noyes (from Aunt Martha) - "Lulu"

I've been a big supporter of the Tim Noyes led project Aunt Martha since finding them back in '11 sometime. Just this past week Tim released his first solo album titled, In Hands which still features his signature vocal stylings.
One of my favorites off the new disc is the track, "Lulu" which you can check out below.
Sorry the audio isn't great here folks. Solid tune nonetheless.

The Hill & the Wood- "Little Omaha" (live session)

The fine folks over at Kitchen Sessions recently unveiled a new live video session they shot with The Hill and the Wood and their song, "Little Omaha." The Hill and the Wood hail from Charlottesville, Va. and they put out a most excellent self titled album back in 2011, which we've spoken about several times here on the blog (read here). The band has just embarked on some Northeast & Mid-Atlantic tour dates (see below) with plans for LP number two soon in the works.
KS#36: The Hill and Wood - Little Omaha from Kitchen Sessions on Vimeo.
Upcoming Tour Dates:
February 21 - Brooklyn, NY // Sofar Sounds
February 22 - Philadelphia, PA // House Show
February 23 - Baltimore, MD // The Holy Underground
March 1 - Charlottesville, VA // The Pink Warehouse w/ Goodnight Texas
March 7 - Chapel Hill, NC // The Station w/ Goodnight Texas
March 8 - Knoxville, TN // The Square Room w/ Cereus Bright and Songs of Water
March 9 - Greensboro, NC // The Flatiron w/ Eros and the Eschaton, The Collection and The Ugly Club
March 13 - Harrisonburg, VA // The Blue Nile w/ Money Cannot Be Eaten
March 14 - Thomas, WV // The Purple Fiddle w/ Camp Christopher
March 15 - Pittsburgh, PA // House Show w/ The Wreckids
March 16 - Washington, DC // Acre 121
April 6 - Washington, DC // NXNW House Show w/ Bethany and the Guitar
April 11 - Charlottesville, VA // Tom Tom Founders Festival w/ David Wax Museum

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Song of the Week: Douglas Firs- "Pretty Legs and Things To Do"

I recently had the chance to go back and visit Belgium, a place where I briefly lived from 2007 to 2009. I discovered a lot of excellent artists during that period and I've tried to stay in touch with the musical scene there since. On this most recent trip I go turned onto the tunes of Douglas Firs, which is the work of Gertjan Van Hellemont. Funny enough I found out that Van Hellemont apparently used to be the guitar player for fellow Belgian, The Bony King of Nowhere an old favorite here on the blog. In any event this past fall Gertjan under the moniker Douglas Firs released his very own debut LP called Shimmer & Glow which features this standout track "Pretty Legs and Things to Do."
Here's a video for the song that was filmed live at the top floor of the 'Boekentoren' in the city of Ghent.
I especially love around  the 1:25 mark when the tuba and the full chorus of backing vocals kick in, watch and get familiar below.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brighter Later-"Come and Go"

Australian duo Jaye Kranz and Virginia Bott, aka Brighter Later are about ready to unveil their debut disc, The Wolves. It comes out next month and it features this sparse and gorgeous track, "Come and Go."

Monday, February 18, 2013

Phosphorescent- "Song for Zula" (live in NYC)

"Song For Zula" could quite possibly be one of my favorite songs of the last several months, and that's saying a lot because there's been a ton of great new music out there. As you might already know it comes from Phosphorescent's upcoming LP, Muchacho out Mar. 19th via Dead Oceans.
Here's a pretty stunning live version of the track shot at the old CBGB's in NYC.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Palma Violets- "Best of Friends"

I needed a little rock 'n roll in my life this morning and this track from Palma Violets did the trick. I saw this young London 4 piece on Jools Holland a few months back and I've been meaning to post something on them ever since. Now comes their hotly tipped debut LP this Feb. 25th via Rough Trade, led by their breakout single "Best of Friends" which nabbed NME's best song of 2012.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Penny & Sparrow- "Moss on a Rolling Stone" (Noah Gunderson Cover)

I stumbled upon the Austin, Tx. duo Penny and Sparrow last month sometime when they came out with their brilliant new album, Tenboom. It's been on constant repeat and I've been telling practically everyone I meet to check out this hidden gem of an album. Besides their new LP, the band has also been throwing up some pretty killer cover songs on their YouTube channel, the most recent of which is their take on the Noah Gunderson track, "Moss On a Rolling Stone."

SXSW 'Future of Music Showcase' (RSVP)

So having just moved to Austin, this will be my first year in town for SXSW.  With so many events and happenings and different ways to experience it all,  it's been hard to get a grip on what's best for a newbie like me to make the most of it. With moving costs taking a toll on my wallet this year it looks like I'll be trying to hit a lot of free shows this first time around. This 'Future of Music Showcase' came across my inbox yesterday and I wanted to share it with anyone that's in the same boat as myself.  It really peaked my interest being that it included the super talented Shakey Graves, who I've been dying to check out live.

Here's a bit more via the press release ..."Featuring 25+ bands playing from noon-2am each day, this year’s lineup highlights rising Texas stars like Shakey Graves and The Tontons with a selectively curated mix of acts ranging from Chicago hip-hop to Danish psychedelic folk. It will also feature a special performance from the legendary BP Fallon and the Bandits (Third Man Records), featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison (Blondie) as well as Hector Muñoz (Alejandro Escovedo). More headliners will be announced in the coming weeks."

To RSVP to the event go here:

Friday, February 8, 2013

Local Natives- "Heavy Feet" (live) via La Blogotheque

I've been all about this L.A. bands latest album Hummingbird, which dropped last week. Take a look at this ridiculous live version of the album track, "Heavy Feet" that the band performed while in Paris for the good people over at La Blogotheque.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hayden- "Blurry Nights"

This week Toronto musician Hayden Desser released his latest album titled Us Alone via Arts & Crafts. It's his first album in over four years and his 7th overall, still featuring his familiar lo-fi mellow tones. My personal favorite so far is the track, "Blurry Nights" which features guest vocals by Lou Canon, who he also happens to be doing select tour dates with.
For all the up to date tour happenings check HERE.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get to Know: Water Liars- "Fake Heat"

Water Liars, a Mississippi based duo of Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Andrew Bryant are readying the release of their second LP, Wyoming. The new album arrives March 5th via (Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum Records) and these boys are busy, because it's actually the bands second release in just about under a year. Check out the first taste of the new disc with the slow burning single, "Fake Heat" below.

Here's a little of what singer/guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster had to say about the track during an interview with Rolling Stone... “‘Fake Heat’ is mostly about getting involved with someone strange and exciting who has just as much going against them as you do. You can see the bad end coming but it doesn’t seem to matter, because after all that person is still another human being capable of sweetness and kindness and closeness and you are both lonely.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'Song of the Week': Frightened Rabbit- "Dead Now"

Frightened Rabbit's fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse hits stores across the US today. I have to admit I'm a big fan of these guys but when I first started hearing previews of the new LP back in the fall that I was a little underwhelmed. Fast forward a few months and this is an album that has not only grown on me, but one that I've truly fallen hard for. One such track that I completely missed the boat on was "Dead Now' which could be one of the best and catchiest thing the band has done. From the slinky bass line to the dark and somber lyrics mixed with the upbeat tempo, this has been my go-to song on Pedestrian Verse the last week or so.
Give a listen and read along below.

Frightened Rabbit- "Dead Now"
I'm not myself, I am
A broken boxer stuffed with glass and sand
This is not how health should feel
Songs sung from the lungs of the elderly

I'm dead now, check my chest and you'll see
The life has been mined from me, burned for the heat, oh
I'm dead now, can you hear the relief
As life's belligerent symphony's finally ceased, oh

I put my heart where my mouth is
Now I can't thumb it down again
I've gone deviled my kidneys
Now he's living inside of me
If we can't bring an exorcist
I'll settle for one of your stiffest drinks
We'll scream hell towards heaven's door
And now I'll piss on your front porch

I'm dead now, check my chest and you'll see
The life has been mined from me, burned for the heat, oh
I'm dead now, can you hear the relief
As life's belligerent symphony's finally ceased, oh
We're all dead now, join hands and we'll sing
To the glory of hell and the virtue of sin

There's something wrong with me
There's something wrong with me

There's something wrong with me
And there is nothing like poetry
So there you rob me in spite of these tics and inconsistencies
There is something wrong with me
Oh, there's something wrong with me
Oh, there's nothing like poetry
Oh you rob me in spite of these tics and inconsistencies
There is something wrong with me

East Cameron Folkcore- "Ophelia"

East Cameron Folkcore are an 11-piece ensemble out of Austin, Tx. Their newest album For Sale is out today via the bands website, and on it they somehow flawlessly blend elements of folk, punk and southern rock, creating a recipe of success.
Check out this mighty fine live version of the album track "Ophelia" taken from a show last Spring at the Do512 Lounge.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Fuel Friends 'Chapel Session' w/ Night Beds

It's always a pretty cool thing when two people you admire suddenly team up and collaborate on a project. This happened recently when Heather over at the ..Fuel/Friends blog got together with Winston Yellen aka Night Beds to create a beautiful 'Chapel Session' (video & audio), playing some new cuts off his debut full length, Country Sleep (out Feb. 5th) as well as a Damien Jurado Cover. 
You can download the full audio session over at Fuel/Friends (here) as well as watch the stunning visuals shot by Kevin Ihle.
Here's two from the performance below.

Friday, February 1, 2013

End of the Week Wrap Up (2/01/13)

Wow there was a whole lot of killer new music out this week and I didn't get to touch on it all, so I wanted to do quick little recap on some highlights that never got posted.

Again a great week for new releases but none more exciting than the new one from Local Natives for me. This was one of my most anticpated for 2013 and it delivers. It's hard to pin down a favorite track right now because it changes daily but if your looking for something quiet check out "Colombia" HERE or maybe something a little more uptempo listen to "You & I" HERE.

Speaking of hotly anticipated albums Night Beds debut 'Country Sleep' is streaming over at Pitchfork now in advance of the Feb. 5 release date. You'll be finding this on everyone's 'best of list' at the end of the year guaranteed. Stream it HERE

Shovels and Rope made their television debut on David Letterman the other night, playing an emotional version of "Birmingham" that I think thoroughly impressed the host. Watch it HERE

High Highs debut album 'Open Season' came out this past Tuesday and among the many sweeping, dreamy tracks is the single "In a Dream." Listen HERE

Wake Owl  released this week what I would call a bit of a folk masterpiece with their phenomenal 5-song EP 'Wild Country'. You can stream all five tracks over on their Soundcloud page HERE

I've been waiting quite some time for this debut album from Trixie Whitley. It's called 'Fourth Corner' and it finally hit stores this week, and it's packed full of gritty soul & blues inspired tunes like only this talented young voice can deliver. Check out the album track, "Need Your Love" played on a rooftop in Belgium at Studio Brussels HERE.