Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday in Words( #2): The Avett Brothers-"I and Love and You"

Next Tuesday, Sept 29 The Avett Brothers release their major label debut, I and Love and You, for American Recordings/Columbia Records, which was produced by Rick Rubin. A lot of people are saying this one could be a game changer for the North Carolina band, bringing them to the next level, and the lead single and title track sure don't do anything to dissuade that thinking. 'I and Love and You,' is a beautiful piano ballad that was actually inspired by a gig the band played at Brooklyn's, Galapagos. Scott Avett told Spinner... "It was the coolest place we'd ever been, and the furthest from home we'd ever been in every sense," ... "So the Brooklyn chorus kind of embodies the rest of the lyrics."

Now through Sept. 29, NPR Music is hosting an exclusive first listen of of the album, if you go here.
The band is also set to perform the title track on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday September 28, and another new track, "Laundry Room," on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday October 6th.

The Avett Brothers-"I and Love and You"

Load the car and write the note
grab your bag and grab your coat
tell ones that need to know
we are headed north

All one foot in and one foot back
but it don't pay, to live like that
so i cut the ties and i jumped the tracks
for never to return

brooklyn brooklyn take me in
are you aware the shape im in
my hands they shake my head it spins
brooklyn brooklyn take me in

when at first i learned to speak
i used all my words to fight
with him and her and you and me
oh its just a waste of time
its such a waste of time

that women shes got eyes that shine
like a pair of stolen polished dimes
she asked to dance i said its fine
ill see you in the morning time

(repeat chorus)

three words that became hard to say
i and love and you
what you were then i am today
look at the things i do

(repeat chorus)

dumbed down and numbed my time and age
you dreams to catch this world the cage
the highway sets the travelers stage
all exits look the same
three words that became hard to say
i and love and you
i and love and you
i and love and you
the highway

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