Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new video: Cursive-"Let Me Up"

If you thought stylish and cinematic videos have gone to the wayside along with your CD walkman, your probably right. But Omaha, Nebraska band Cursive are doing their part to bring them back. The band recently released a new video for the track, "Let Me Up" off of their latest LP, Mama I'm Swollen, directed by Evan Glodell, that features not only great production quality but also a story that makes you actually want to stick around until the end of the video.
In addition to the new video, the band also just taped a live audio session with the folks over at Daytrotter, that saw them playing the tracks, "What Have I Done?" and "The Casualty" , as well as covers of The Cure's "Love Cats" and David Bowie's "Modern Love".
You can listen to or download the session here.

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