Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grooms: ready debut, cover Chris Isaak

After two EP's and a name change, Brooklyn band Grooms (formerly known as Muggabears) are set to unveil their debut album, Rejoicer, which is available Oct. 13, 2009 on Death By Audio. The trio's sonically expansive sound has earned them a reputation of not being afraid to challenge their own, or their listeners perceptions of what they are, and has found them touring alongside bands such as, Crystal Stilts, Wavves, Ponytail, and Abe Vigoda to name a few. Part of that experimental vibe recently found the band tackling a cover of Chris Isaak's late 80's classic, "Wicked Game" which you can listen to on Stereogum here.
You can also check out the lead single, "Dreamsucker" off the new disc below.

Grooms-"Dreamsucker" mp3

Rejoicer track listing
1 - Dreamsucker
2 - Thumbs
3 - At the Pool
4 - Fag Feels Good
5 - Acid King of Hell (Guitar Feelings)
6 - Ghost Cat
7 - She-Bears
8 - C.J.
9 - Kier
10 - The Nights Were Walls (We Climbed Them All)

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