Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday in Words (#1)

We're starting up a new feature here on the blog, that will be up every Weds. called, 'Wednesday in Words.' What I wanted to do was take some time to focus on great songwriting ( I know that's subjective) by sharing some great music and lyrics that have struck a chord in one way or another.

First up we wanted to highlight two songs by Toronto band, The Wooden Sky, who's fantastic new disc, If I Don't Come Home You'll Know I'm Gone we've been digging heavily. If there's anything you want to see highlighted on an upcoming feature let me know.

(Bit Part) - The Wooden Sky
The Wooden Sky- "(Bit Part)"
Well, I stood up
You know I had to keep moving
I couldn't just sit here alone in this one place
You called my name
But you know I never hear you
But there will always be some things that stay the same
Even in some crazy world of constant change
So I changed the locks
I'm not looking for love, now
Just another pretty face that I could blame
If I get lost
You know it's all the same now
And I don't really even care to know her name
All the people in my past just stay the same

You know I don't have time
To play a bit part in your life
Thinking you could change my mind
That'd be crazy
You'd be no friend of mine
Be rehearsing all the time
Thinking you could put our love upon some stage

So I stood up
Yeah, I had to keep moving
Trying to get a little blood back in my veins
We called it off
But I can't sleep now
Just dreaming every night what might've been
You know I've been here before
And now I'm here again

(repeat chorus)

You could come around here just knocking on my door
Keeping me up all night just begging me for more
And I'm not really sure
What we do these things for
So I stood up,
Yeah I had to keep moving
I couldn't just sit here alone in this one place

Oh My God (It Still Means A Lot To Me) - The Wooden Sky
The Wooden Sky- Oh My God (It Still Means a Lot to Me)
Wake up you're getting old
I've been dreaming about mountains
and you've been dreaming about gold
And if I ever make it home
to find my key won't open the door
I've been thinking about selling off every shirt I own
just to stand naked out here in the cold
trying to make it on my own

Oh my god it still means a lot to me (repeat 6x)

A pretty girl said to me
'you've got to take all the little pieces, put them in one big box
and just throw away the key,
no don't you ever show them to me."
I've made that mistake before
and came home to find my life just spilled out on the floor
she said she was trying to make room for more
was trying to make some room for more

(repeat chorus)

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