Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bony King of Nowhere making U.S. debut

For those that may or may not know I had the chance to live in Brussels, Belgium for much of the past two years. While it was sometimes difficult navigating and finding my way thru the music scene over there, I did manage to stumble upon some great local artists, one of which was The Bony King of Nowhere. The Bony King (Bram Vanparys) released his nu-folk debut, Alas My Love earlier this year on Helicopter records, to both commercial and critical success back in Belgium, getting compared to singers like Devendra Banhart. He'll be making his first ever appearances in the U.S. next month, with three shows at the end of Oct. and beginning of Nov. scheduled so far in the NY area (check the dates below).
In the meantime you can get familiar with some of his music down below, including a 'Field Recordings' session we shot with him, while sneaking into an old Abbey from the 7th century called, De Sint-Baafsabdij in his hometown of Gent.

Bony King U.S. dates:
- October 12th @ Rockwood Music Hall
- October 15th @ Crash Mansion
- October 25th @ Arlene's Grocery
- November 2nd @ Living Room

The Sunset - The Bony King of Nowhere

check out The Bony King of Nowhere on myspace.

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