Monday, April 20, 2009

William Fitzsimmons: Live from Philly (4/16)

There may not be a bigger roller coaster of emotions than attending a William Fitzsimmons concert. If you're familiar with Fitzsimmons' music, then you're well aware of the personal nature, intimacy and emotion that he puts into his songs. But what some people may not know about Fitzsimmons, is his uncanny wit and sarcastic comedic side. William is well known for his hilarious blog posts called 'Musings From the Beard', and is probably one of the funniest guys you'll come across. So when we caught Fitzsimmons' show in Philadelphia the other night at the Tin Angel (to see the photo gallery click here) , it was no surprise that the laughter and tears (so to speak) were ever present throughout his intense set.
Blending in tracks from all three of his LP's, Fitzsimmons had the crowd pin drop silent on newer tracks like "You Still Hurt Me" and 'Just Not Each Other", while older favorites like "It' Not True" and 'Passion Play" received raucous receptions from the sold out venue. In between songs, William was always engaged with the crowd, talking and joking on everything from, flannels, being one outfit away from being homeless, and how he's going to start writing happy songs, to a heartfelt thanks to the the crowd for supporting singer/songwriters. Always apologizing for his 'depressing music' as he would say, William manages to keep the atmosphere light and the crowd in good spirits. Other highlights of the night besides William's standout guitar skills, included a surprise cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin", new song "Find Me To Forgive" which William says is his personal favorite right now, the track "Hazy" by opening act Rosi Golan who came out for a duet, and the simply beautiful closing track "Good Morning."

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Story and Photo's contributed by Robert Proffe

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