Monday, April 6, 2009

Oxygen Ponies: sophomore disc on the way

The second album from the Paul Megna led project, The Oxygen Ponies comes out this May 19th on Hidden Target recordings. Fittingly titled, Harmony Handgrenade, Megna deconstructs his lo-fi formula from his successful, critically acclaimed self titled debut. Right from the slow building opening track "Love Yr Way" forward you know your in for a different affair. Megna's raspy voice is still at the core, but the instrumentation is wider and the arrangements more in-depth, complete with strings, horns, and backing vocals present throughout. Where his first disc was more autobiographical, 'Harmony Handgrenade' sees Megna tackling the everday struggles of the working class pitted against corporate America. Tracks to look out for include, "Grab Yr Gun", "Fevered Cyclone", and "Villains."
4 tracks are available to stream over on his myspace now, as well as a sneak peak video preview of the album below.

Oxygen Ponies on myspace.

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