Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Son Volt: sign to new label, ready debut

One of the legends of the Alt-Country genre, Son Volt, are about to drop a new album called, American Central Dust this July 7 on their new label, Rounder Records. The disc will be the bands 6th full length, and the 12 new songs are supposed see a return to the bands roots, like on their 1996 debut, Trace. The former founding father of Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar had this to say about signing to the new label... "Rounder has shown a long term commitment to music forms, like folk and blues, that I have a lot of respect for. Going with Rounder has been a kind of a full circle continuum -- the first Rounder person I met with was instrumental in booking Uncle Tupelo gigs years ago"
Son Volt will be heading out on the road in the summer, but dates are still in the works, stay tuned for more info.

1. Dynamite,
2. Down To The Wire
3. Roll On
4. Cocaine And Ashes
5. Dust Of Daylight
6. When The Wheels Don’t Move
7. No Turning Back
8. Pushed Too Far
9. Exiles
10. Sultana
11. Strength And Doubt
12. Jukebox of Steel

Son Volt on myspace.

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