Thursday, April 9, 2009

get to know: Lady Of the Sunshine

If your familiar with the Australian duo, Angus and Julia Stone, then you already know a little bit about Lady of the Sunshine. The new project is one half of the pair, Angus Stone’s new solo debut. Angus shows a more dark and moody side on the new disc, Smoking Gun, which just came out in the States this Tuesday. Where in his work with Angus and Julia Stone, they leaned more towards the folk based, traditional stylings, Angus delves into heavier guitar, and even rhythm and blues territory.
Angus wrote, sang, and played electric and acoustic guitar on the album, of which he co-produced with Govinda Doyle, who played drums and bass.
Stone had this to say on the new project, “I’ve been skipping off in between tours for about a year now to shake my head of these songs” ... "Every one of the emotions in your head has it’s own voice and this album is what became of them."
The first single off the new album is, "White Rose Parade", which you can see a video for below.

Lady of the Sunshine on myspace.

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