Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jessica Lea Mayfield plays daytrotter session (download 3 free tracks)

If you haven't listened to all our past hype trying to get you to listen to young singer/songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield, here's yet another opportunity to catch what you've been missing. As good as Jessica's phenomenal debut album, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt is, seeing her live takes on a whole new dimension into her intimate and melancholy tracks. We had the chance to catch her live in Brussels a few weeks back, where she played with a great full band, which also added a raw power to the LP's sparse tracks.
You now can hear a sample of Jessica live, as she recently stopped by the studios of Daytrotter for a live session, where she played three tracks off of the new disc, 'Kiss Me Again", "I'm Not Lonely Anymore", and an intense version of one of my personal favorites off the disc, "Bible Days." You can download the session here

Jessica Lea Mayfield on myspace.

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