Monday, April 6, 2009

'Field Recordings' pt 2 with THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE

In this second part of our 'Field Recordings' session with THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE, we catch Bram performing the emotional track, "Maria" in the Sint-Baafsabdij, from the 7th century, in his hometown of Gent, Belgium.
His new album, 'Alas My Love' is available now on Helicopter Records.

and in case you missed it, here's (pt1) of our session:

The Bony King of Nowhere on myspace.

1 comment:

Caroline in the city said...

OMG! These videos are AMAZING!!!!
Well done! Thank you for these! :)
I haven't heard of this guy, but I'm quickly becoming a fan!