Friday, November 7, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- ready new album for 09'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have announced via a recent myspace blog, that they are close to finishing their new album, which will indeed be released next year. In addition the band are claiming that the new work will sound "very different" from their previous efforts. The album will be the NYC groups third and will be their first full LP since 2006's Show Your Bones.
Here's some of what was posted on the blog:
...."New record is getting closer to being done done done!".... "You still won't be hearing it until 2009 but damn, are we close to finishing it, and only after a year of writing and recording! ... "Will it sound kind of like 'Show Your Bones'? No, been there done that. What about [2007 EP] 'Is Is'? Is that more of the direction it's going in? Absolutely not, it sounds VERY different." .... "... we miss all of you and we've been working extra hard on this one with the intention to make you as happy as possible. Just wanted to drop a line to let you in on how quickly we're approaching the finishing line and to GET PSYYYYYYYYYYYYCHED."

Here's an acoustic version of "Maps" from back in 2003.

Maps (acoustic) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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