Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Weeks new releases: WK 11/04

I gotta say after digging thru what's new this week, it's pretty slim pickins out there. Maybe not too much to get excited about initially, but here's what we managed to round up that you might find interesting. You be the judge.

New Releases Wk 11/04:

Au Revoir Simone- Reverse Migration
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Drippers EP
CSS- Move
Dancer vs. Politician- A City Half-Lost
Eulogies- Tempted To Do Nothing
Frederick- Na Na Ni
Gamma Ray- Hell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome Live
Kanye West- Heartless (single)
Little Joy- self titled
No Age- Teen Creeps (single)
Past Lives- Strange Symmetry EP
Sara Bareilles- Between The Lines live
Smashing Pumpkins- G.L.O.W. (single)
The End Of The World- French Exit
Travis- Ode to J. Smith
Wilderness- (k)no(w)here

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