Monday, November 10, 2008

'Video & Song of the week': Damien Jurado-"Sheets"

While relative newcomers such as Bon Iver gobble up all the press attention and buzz, longtime Seattle musician Damien Jurado continues to quietly go about his business with little fanfare. Jurado, who is equally as gifted a songwriter as any of his peers recently came out with his latest and possibly finest work, Caught In The Trees this past September. The new album sees Jurado craft an intensely personal journey, which is rare for him, as he is known for his gift of fictional story-telling in his music. One of the many standouts off the LP is the haunting track "Sheets", which ever since seeing Jurado perform in concert recently, just won't seem to get out of my head. Stay tuned for a new video interview w/ Jurado possibly sometime next week.

Damien Jurado-"Sheets"

Damien Jurado on myspace.

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