Friday, November 14, 2008

new Bon Iver EP on the way

Bon Iver's debut LP, For Emma, Forever Ago has almost taken on a life of it's own ever since it's original release in 2007. With near flawless reviews and a swelling legion of fans, it's almost impossible to not be anxiously awaiting frontman Justin Vernon of Bon Iver's next move. The wait is almost over, as the group have announced plans for a new 4 song EP, entitled Blood Bank. The EP will be released in the US on Jan. 20th and in the UK on Jan. 19th. If your a diehard and can't wait until then, you'll have to catch one of the bands upcoming December dates where they will be selling the vinyl version at the merch tables. 'Blood Bank' features both the title track and "Babys", which Bon Iver have been showcasing on tour this past year.

In addition to the new EP, Bon Iver will be taping an appearance for the Late Show w/David Letterman program on December 11th, which will be aired on or close to that date.

Blood Bank tracklisting:
01 Blood Bank
02 Beach Baby
03 Babys
04 Woods

Here's a version of "Blood Bank" from one of Bon Iver's recent dates. The video quality isn't the greatest but it had the best audio of the bunch we could find.

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Caroline_in_the_city said...

couldn't be more excited for any other release!!!!!