Monday, November 17, 2008

New Ben Nichols track- "The Last Pale Light In The West"

We told you a few weeks back about Lucero frontman, Ben Nichols new solo album The Last Pale Light In The West. The new 7 track "mini-LP", which features songs inspired from the Cormac McCarthy book Blood Meridian doesn't come out until sometime in January 2009, but the title track to the album has just been posted on RCRD LBL, and is available to stream.
Nichols recorded the album this past August with Rick Steff (Cat Power, Lucero) and Todd Beene (Glossary). The mini-LP is said to showcase Nichols' gravelly voice accompanied by some simple acoustic guitar work, with Steff providing piano and accordion parts and Beene on pedal steel guitar.

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willett said...

Looking fwd to this one, if this track is any indication it's gonna be a great album. Ben & Lucero rock!