Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Metric: 'Fantasies'

It's been nearly 4 years since Metric put out their last CD, and the band have gone the difficult route of self financing and releasing their new album Fantasies themselves. In what many saw as a very risky maneuver after the success of 'Live it Out' and their hit single "Monster Hospital", that really put the band on the indie rock map in '05. Seemingly destined to labeled one of the next big things, the group took a step back in crafting their latest LP and coming up with a game plan before getting it to the masses.
The band has always had the ability to come straight at you with it's brand of power-pop and electro driven rock, which is still evident on the new album 'Fantasies', but the group have stepped outside of their comfort zone a bit on the new disc. Progression is the key as with quieter moments on the LP like, "Collect Call' or the beat driven "Twilight Galaxy", the group slowly diversify their formula and it works in their favor. There's still the straight ahead power numbers like, "Sick Muse", and 'Gold Guns Girls', and "Satellite Mind", while two of the albums best tracks, the single "Help I'm Alive" and "Gimme Sympathy" float between sugary pop and something you could hear at your favorite dance club. Frontwoman Emily Haines very much is Metric, as the singer adeptly slides between sexy, playful, and sarcastic on the new disc, which she does as good as anyone. There are some that criticize Metric for their superficial lyrics, but that's clearly not what the band is there for, to give you insightful or meaningful words. The band plays to their strengths and they do it well on 'Fantasies' creating fun, energy driven electro-rock, with a keen ability for melody. If that's what your looking for in Metric, then you'll find it in 'Fantasies.'

Gold Guns Girls - Metric

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