Wednesday, May 13, 2009

get to know: Hanne Hukkelberg

Coming from a diverse musical background that includes early projects ranging from jazz, rock and even a stint in heavy metal band, the Norwegian born Hukkelberg started singing and playing instruments at the age of 3. Her debut album back in 2004, Little Things garnered her critical acclaim overseas, and was recognized for her creative and eclectic array of instruments that appeared on the album, like bicycle spokes, dish brushes, and wine glasses. Building on her initial success, Hukkelberg saw her 2006 album, Rykestrasse 68 nab a Norwegian Grammy.
Hanne just released her newest disc, Blood From a Stone this week, and it sees a more direct approach from the singer, who nailed most of the vocals you hear on the first take.
She is currently touring across Europe, with dates planned in the States later on in the Spring.

Blood From A Stone - Hanne Hukkelberg

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