Wednesday, May 27, 2009

listen to new tracks from: The National

It seems like The National hasn't come up for air ever since the release of 2007's critical smash, Boxer, as the band has been on tour virtually ever since. Which is why it's hard to believe that the band has even had time to work on brand new material, but the guys have been showcasing several new tunes while out on some recent stops in Canada and the U.S.
The band is said to be going into the studio at some point this year, but for now you can check out the new tracks, "Vanderlylle Cry Baby" which is a typical National slow building charmer, and also the track 'The Runaway" which has also appeared as "Karamazov" from a recent stop at Canada's Q tv.

"Vanderlylle Cry Baby"

"The Runaway" (Aka Karamazov)

(via Stereogum)

The National's website.

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Caroline in the city said...

wow! I love "The Runaway"!!!!
Thanks for the post!