Wednesday, September 3, 2008

William Fitzsimmons- Unveils plans for new full length

Like a lot of indie artists out there today, William Fitzsimmons is one of those DIY success stories. After starting out in the mental health profession, Fitzsimmons began tinkering with music full time, recording and releasing albums on his own. Garnering a huge following on his Myspace do to his fan friendly hands on approach, and with his intimate and personal writing style (his last album Goodnight chronicled his parents divorce), William saw his second LP rise up the charts on the iTunes folk section.
Fitzsimmons has just announced plans to release his 3rd full length The Sparrow And The Crow, which will be coming out on Sept. 30th, with a handful of tour dates being slated as well. Currently you can hear three new tracks from the forthcoming LP on William's Myspace, "If You Would Come Back Home", which is a free download, "I Don't Feel It Anymore" and "You Still Hurt Me". Also leading up to the albums release, he'll be posting 4 separate webisodes featuring behind the scenes footage of the making of the album, the first of which you can catch below.

Upcoming tour dates:

Sep 20 2008 Play: STL 2008 Music Festival - St. Louis, Missouri
Sep 30 2008 SUNY Cortland - Function Room of Corey Union Cortland
Oct 1 2008 The Living Room New York, New York
Oct 2 2008 Hamilton College Clinton, New York

Making of Album preview:

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