Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ezra Carey- The Fire Keeps Us Warm

Ezra Carey is an artist we have been keeping tabs on for a while now. In fact, when this whole blog thing just got off the ground he actually gave us our first interview at BTB (to read the interview click here). Ezra is now out with a new album, the aptly titled The Fire Keeps Us Warm. On the new work, Carey who's voice itself is earthy, warm and comforting delivers a nostalgic brand of folk music that sounds at the same time both familiar and fresh. The disc is rich and inviting, capturing an essence of an old country campfire or your most comfortable family living room. The album is neither part of the more popular indie folk or anti-folk movements, but is at it's core deeply traditional. While similar to his previous EP in the traditional sense, this time around on The Fire Keeps Us Warm we see Carey enlisting the help of the exquisite backing vocals of Mallory Posedel. Posedel compliments Carey's voice perfectly, bringing a new depth to his sound, while also adding to the already inviting nature of the LP.

Tracks not to miss include, "Lost & Lonely", "Lay Me Down", "Riverbed", "The Fire Keeps Us Warm" and "Amalee".

Listen to Ezra Carey on Myspace.

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