Monday, September 22, 2008

Dead Confederate- Wrecking Ball

The Athens, Georgia band Dead Confederate gained notoriety back in 2007 for their self titled EP, which featured their psych-rock stunner "The Rat", which is already high in our minds for a year end top songs list. On their new album Wrecking Ball, the group mixes sounds of early 90's grunge with southern and indie rock to create their own compelling brand of angst.
Right from the opener "Heavy Petting", frontman Hardy Morris sets the tone with his raspy beer soaked growl over non-stop relentless cymbal crashes. "The Rat", which is actually a protest song about the religious right in America makes an appearance on the full length as well, with it's swelling wall of distortion. The album is both loud and aggressive, "Start Me Laughing" is a frenetic display of guitar and drums that rumble under Morris' hurried screams. Tracks like "Goner" with it's soft to loud and back again swing and "Flesh Colored Canvas" with all it's peaks and valleys show the bands diversity, with the latter checking in at 12 plus minutes of raw intensity.
While the band has drawn lot's of comparisons to Nirvana for it's partial early 90's sound, on 'Wrecking Ball' they show they can not only hold their own, but they can carve out their own sound while making a lasting impression as well.

Listen to Dead Confederate.

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