Friday, September 12, 2008

Rachael Yamagata- new album teaser

If your a regular reader of BTB, you probably know how much were looking forward to the new album A Record in Two Parts: Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart from Rachael Yamagata. The much delayed but much anticipated new disc will be out on October 7th and a few weeks back we previewed the new tracks "Elephants" and "Sidedish Friend", both of which are now streaming on her myspace. Leading up to the albums release, Rachael has begun to put out a series of behind the scenes making of style videos, the first of which you can catch here, which highlights another new track "Faster".
Prior to the albums release Rachael will begin her tour on Sept. 20th in Asbury Park N.J., which will then lead into dates with the 'Hotel Cafe' tour later in October.

To check all the dates & info you can visit

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Lizzy said...

can't wait for this album. it's been too long since weve heard from her but think this will be one of the best of 08'