Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Serena Ryder- New music on the way

It's been a stellar year for Toronto Canada's Serena Ryder. Earlier in 2008, Ryder took home the Juno Award (Canada's version of the Grammy's) for best New Artist of the Year. Now Ryder has announced plans for both a new EP, which drops in the US next month followed by a new full length LP later on in the year. The EP Sweeping The Ashes will be available in the US beginning October 14th, while the forthcoming album Is It O.K will be coming out on November 11th in Canada and February 17th, 2009 in the US.

You can Listen to two of the new songs, "Little Bit Of Red" and "Sweeping The Ashes" now on her myspace. All 3 tracks available on the EP will also be appearing on the forthcoming full length.

"Sweeping The Ashes EP" tracklist:
1. Sweeping The Ashes
2. Little Bit Of Red
3. Blown Like The Wind At Night

Listen to Serena Ryder on myspace.

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dharma69 said...

Serena Ryder's a great talent, isn't she?

Of course she is!