Monday, September 8, 2008

Kaiser Chiefs- new song and video

The Kaiser Chiefs have released the first single off of their new disc Off With Their Heads , which has gotten a release date of October 14th. The first single is "Never Miss A Beat" and features backing vocals from Lilly Allen. The single will hit stores the week prior to the albums release.
The new disc was done by producer of the moment, Mark Ronson & also producer Eliot James. Ronson was supposedly a big fan of the band and was anxious to work with the Chiefs. In fact the group has said the intent wasn't to make an album at first, it was just to work on a few songs. But working with Ronson and James was so enjoyable and productive, that the group just kept working through and eventually came up with a new albums worth of material.
Along with Lily Allen's backing vocals on "Never Miss A Beat", the singer also appears on the track 'Always Happens Like That'.

'Off With Their Heads' track listing;

1. Spanish Metal
2. Never Miss A Beat
3. Like It Too Much
4. You Want History
5. Can't Say What I Mean
6. Good Days Bad Days
7. Tomato In The Rain
8. Half The Truth
9. Always Happens Like That
10. Addicted To Drugs
11. Remember You're A Girl

Kaiser Chiefs- "Never Miss A Beat"

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