Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More proof that the Major Label Record Companies just don't get it.

In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, a report stated that UK r&b singer Estelle's record label, Warner, removed her album Shine along with her hit single single "American Boy" from iTunes in the US. The action is to encourage fans to buy physical copies of the records, which in the end earns more money for Warner.
Well thanks to Warner's marketing strategy Estelle has seen her album & single take a major dip in the charts after they were removed. "American Boy" which was at number 11 in the US Billboard singles chart fell to number 37 following the removal from iTunes. As far as the album itself 'Shine', it dropped down to 159 in the albums charts, after sitting in the 38th position.

A spokesperson for Warner said that the move was part of strategies "uniquely tailored to each artist and their fanbase in an effort to optimise revenues and promote long-term artist development". Sounds more like a unique strategy in finding ways to alienate already weary artists of major labels, while hurting artists revenues and only maximizing their own. The exact reason why more and more artists are deciding to go the more friendly indie label route.

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