Monday, September 22, 2008

Radiohead- unveil second remix project

Several months back, Radiohead launched a remix project for their song "Nude". The band posted different parts of the song, vocals, guitar, bass and drums, etc., letting anyone who thought they had the skills tackle their own take on the track. The endeavor was a hit not only with fans who got to vote on their favorite remix, but also with artists who took part in the mixing, and even with Radiohead themselves as they saw "Nude" become a successful single. The band has just announced the second go around of remixing, this time around for their track "Reckoner".

Anyone who took part in the "Nude" project received a heads up email from the band which offered advance access to the pieces which are available in order to remix "Reckoner". For the rest of the public those parts of the song will go up for sale digitally starting on Tuesday, Sept. 23. For "Reckoner", you'll be able to download tracks for "Lead Vocal", "Guitars", "Bass", "Drums", "Backing Vocal", and "Piano/Strings".

To find out more information you can check things out at for more details.

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