Wednesday, September 10, 2008

She Keeps Bees- Nests

Gritty, Soulful, Raw, Powerful. All words that can describe the new album Nests from Brooklyn's She Keeps Bees. SKB's is the dynamic two piece made up of Jessica Larrabee (guitar, vocals) and Andy LaPlant (drummer/producer). Often unfairly compared to Chan Marshall (Catpower), Larrabee is much more aggressive vocally and brings more swagger to the table. Born to a father who was an R&B drummer, you can tell Larrabee has the blues/soul music deep in her bones from the instant you hear SKB's music.
In a music scene that is sometimes truly devoid of any depth, substance, or authenticity, Larrabee and SKB's is a refreshing find among the pop tinged indie players of today.
Having recorded the album themselves, Nests is not overly produced & has very much a live atmosphere about it. LaPlant and Larrabee keep things simple with an in your face formula of Larrabee's husky vocals and assertive guitar playing , mixed with LaPlant's unassuming drumming. It's a formula that works well, whether it is on the menacing, dark acoustic number "Wear Red" or on "Gimmie" which showcases Larrabee's attitude and sex appeal along with her classic howl. "My Last Nerve" is a slow blues soaked number that builds around Jessica's powerful vocals, while "Release" could be the albums best, with it's infectious chorus and forceful drumming.

If your looking for a refreshing change from the same old same old music and appreciate something with some soul to it, SKB's is one not to miss. We look forward to more big things from SKB's in 2008.

She Keeps Bees on myspace.

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