Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'Oh My God' you need to hear the latest 'Song of the Week'

We told you last week how excited we were for the new upcoming release from, The Wooden Sky, due August 25th. After sitting down and spending some proper time with the album over the weekend, in peace and quiet with the headphones on, I have to tell you it's even exceeding my expectations. After an initial 4-5 listens through, my first impression at trying to describe the album would be, it sounds as if The National's 'Boxer' merged with Whiskeytown's 'Strangers Almanac', which coming out of my mouth is high praise as those are probably two of my favorite LPs over the last two decades. The album features some unbelievable depth, and brilliant songwriting, building on the maturity that the band showed on their debut, When Lost at Sea . Along with the first single, "Something Hiding For Us In the Night"off the forthcoming disc, the latest new track to get stuck in my head is the building sing along, "Oh My God ( It Still Means A Lot To Me)" which you can listen to below. We'll be previewing more tracks from this one in the weeks to come leading up to the release.

Oh My God (It Still Means A Lot To Me) - The Wooden Sky

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Caroline in the city said...

omg! With that kind of description...I NEED that album!! ;)