Tuesday, July 7, 2009

'Friends in Bellwoods II' coming next month

If your like us and you're a fan of the Indie music scene that's coming out of Toronto, Canada, then you'll be sure not to miss the new compilation CD Friends in Bellwoods II. The album which comes out on August 25, 2009 on Out of this Spark, is a 40-song, double LP of rare, new and unreleased tunes from some of the regions best independent musicians, and follows up the first 'Friends in Bellwoods' compilation that came out back in 2007.
The idea for the discs originated out of Ohbijou’s Casey Mecija and her bandmate, James Bunton deciding to document some of the music being created in their home and around the neighborhood on Bellwoods Avenue in Toronto by friends also based in the area. All proceeds from the original and the second compilation go to The Daily Bread Food Bank. The first edition of the compilation raised over $11,000 since its release two years ago.

Some of the artists contributing to the LP are, Great Lake Swimmers, Forest City Lovers, The Acorn, Basia Bulat, Timber Timber, The Wooden Sky, Evening Hymns, Great Bloomers, and Ohbijou.

'Friends in Bellwoods II' track listing:
Disc One
1. Forest City Lovers – Minneapolis
2. Le Pigeon – Freezing Rain
3. Basia Bulat – My Heart Is A Warning
4. The Acorn – Slippery When Wet
5. Canadian Wildlife – Winter’s Moon
6. Double Suicide – Touch The Sun
7. Great Bloomers – Find My Way
8. Lisa Bozikovic – The Letting Go
9. Bellewoods – Kneel On The Apron
10. Kate Rogers – The Same Party
11. Timber Timbre – Water
12. No Kids – All That Heaven Allows
13. Snailhouse – Don’t Go Anywhere
14. Final Fantasy – Red Sun (Demo Version)
15. Sylvie Smith – On Our Own
16. Bruce Peninsula – In Parallel
17. Gentleman Reg – For Trust
18. Evening Hymns – Cedars
19. Kite Hill – Tom Thumbtack
20. The Bellwoods Crew – Staten Island Waltz

Disc Two
1. The Dinghies – The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
2. Bocce – Inspiration Bellwoods
3. Kids On TV - Poison
4. Katie Stelmanis – Believe Me
5. The D’Urbervilles – Magic Arrow
6. Sebastien Grainger – Home Is The Light
7. Violence – Living Off The Land
8. Ohbijou – An Ode To An End
9. Great Lake Swimmers – Send Me A Letter
10. The Low Notes – Glory Glory
11. Snowblink – When Pushed From A High Branch
12. lice - yggdrasil
13. Emma McKenna - Happiness
14. Richard Laviolette – Media Song
15. The Adam Brown – Joy Rider
16. The Phonemes – April, Let’s Send His Colleagues An Email
17. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Rough And Tumble
18. Tusks – New To Old Money
19. Hooded Fang – Highway Steam
20. The Wooden Sky – My Old Ghosts

Songs from the first 'Friends in Bellwoods' compilation:

The Wooden Sky - The Wooden Sky

Brokered Heart - The Acorn

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