Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Weeks New Releases (WK 6/30)

With the holiday week ahead this week, you guessed it, slow week for 'New Releases'.
This weeks list features new music from Wilco, Bowerbirds, and the debut from There Will Be Fireworks.

New Releases (WK 6/30):

Bjork- Voltaic (CD & DVD Edition)
Bowerbirds- Upper Air
Leslie Mendelson- Swan Feathers
Levon Helm- Electric Dirt
Matt Duke- Acoustic Kingdom Underground EP
Merz- Moi et Mon Camion
Moby- Wait for Me
O'Death- Underwater Nightmare EP
Spoon- Got Nuffin EP
There Will Be Fireworks- self titled
Ty Segall- Lemons
Wilco- Wilco the Album
Wu-Tang- Chamber Music

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