Monday, June 15, 2009

'Song of the Week': Great Bloomers-"This Ain't You"

The Toronto band, Great Bloomers burst onto the scene in their native Canada after the release of their 2007 self-titled EP. The homemade recording which was recorded in singer Lowell Sostomi's basement, featured the track ‘Catching Up’ which found steady airplay on Canadian radio's CBC 3.
I first discovered the band from another favorite from up north's myspace page, The Wooden Sky. So when I heard that frontman from The Wooden Sky Gavin Gardiner helped produce the Great Bloomers new disc, Speak Of Trouble, I was anxious to hear the influence on the bands sound. The new LP shows a definite growth in sound from the band, expanding on their alt-country vibes from the EP. It was said in the press releases that the band intended to successfully revive the art of 'the album' on this latest effort, and they deliver on their promise. The disc has great depth, and sees the group experimenting with a more far ranging array of instrumentation and harmonies. Songs not to miss include, "Fever Days", "Lobbyist", title track "Speak of Trouble", "Honey Blanket" and this weeks 'song of the week' "This Ain't You."

This Aint You - Great Bloomers

also check out the track, "The Lobbyist"

Lobbyist - Great Bloomers

Great Bloomers on myspace.

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