Friday, October 30, 2009

Serena Ryder covers Band of Horses, "Funeral"

This is a cover that's been around since the Spring, but I just recently discovered through the very good, I Am Fuel You Are Friends blog , run by Heather Browne. Toronto singer Serena Ryder is known for her powerful vocal range, but here on this cover of Band Of Horses, "Funeral" shows patience and restraint on the explosive choruses that give her version a more haunting vibe.
The song appeared on a four song covers EP that also included, "Slow" by Kylie Minogue and "Ramblin Man" by Hank Williams. Most recently Ryder worked as a lead vocalist on Great Lake Swimmers, Lost Channels, and put out her latest album, Is It O.K. earlier this year, with a physical release slated for this Tuesd, Nov 3rd.

Serena Ryder-"Funeral"

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