Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elephant Parade- "For You"

While doing my usual routine of perusing various music sites the other day, I stumbled on this great track from a band called Elephant Parade (courtesy of the site A Certain Romance). The two piece Brooklyn band (Estelle and Ido) have been around since 2005, and in '06 they released the album, Bedroom Recordings, a home made LP, which is a dreamy lo-fi pop gem, in the lines of a Gregory & the Hawk.
A little background on the band, they met at a bad eighties party in New York, where they found a lot of common grounds when trying to compose a list of music they would play if they could take over the DJ booth. Estelle came from the Gainesville, FL indie pop scene, where she released two albums with Brittle Stars (ShelfLife records) and also recording and performing with New York rock group, Human Television. Ido, was a video artist from Israel, who was composing experimental soundtracks in his bedroom, and playing with a few local bands. Before long the pair were playing shows around NYC with acts like Beirut, Chris Garneau, and Gregory & the Hawk. The band is currently mastering their new upcoming CD, but in the meantime you can get familiar with the band and their track "For You" below.

Elephant Parade- "For You" mp3

Elephant Parade covering Counting Crows, "Color Blind"

elephantparade on myspace.

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