Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kittens Ablaze-"Gloom Doom Buttercups"

This Brooklyn six-piece's music has been described as “grand” and “orchestral,” with a line-up that features violin, cello, and a lead singer on the drums. While their music has gotten compared to Ra Ra Riot, and Cursive, their rousing and playful live shows are what have been bringing the band attention.
The band’s emotionally-charged new disc, The Monstrous Vanguard was released earlier this year led by the song, "Gloom Doom Buttercup" which you can get familiar with below.

Gloom Doom Buttercups - Kittens Ablaze

Kittens Ablaze upcoming tour dates:
10.22 CMJ Music Festival NYCTaper Showcase Bruar Falls
10.22 CMJ Music Festival After The Jump Showcase Cakeshop
10.24 CMJ Music Festival Stereoactive Showcase the Delancey
10.24 Yabyum Records/Detroitscaresme Party Shea Stadium
11.01 The Fire/IOU Records (Philadelphia, PA)
11.02 Reggie's (Chicago, IL)
11.03 400 Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
11.04 Madison, WI
11.06 Lager House (Detroit, MI)
11.07 Bernie's (Columbus, OH)
11.14 Empire (Portland, ME)
12.17 Middle East (Boston).

Kittens Ablaze on myspace.

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