Monday, March 23, 2009

'Song of the Week': Great Lake Swimmers-"Concrete Heart"

Ontario Canada's Great Lake Swimmers are about to drop their fourth LP, Lost Channels just next week (March 31st). The album takes its name from a region in Ontario, the Lost Channel, which is a passage of water in the Thousand Islands where mysterious disappearances reportedly happened in the 18th century. With frontman Tony Dekker's soft and haunting voice the new material should fit in quite nicely. You can hear the lead single,"Pulling On a Line" which has been up for a while over at the bands myspace, but the group has also just made available a sneak peak of one of the albums other new tracks, "Concrete Heart" over on it's YouTube channel, or just have a listen below.

"Concrete Heart"- Great Lake Swimmers

"Your Rocky Spine" live from 2007

Great Lake

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