Monday, March 2, 2009

discover Peter Bradley Adams

I'm not sure how many of you remember the LA electronic/folk duo, East Mountain South, that was comprised of vocalists Kat Maslich and Peter Bradley Adams. They released a great self titled debut back in '03 after being signed by Robbie Robertson, but have since gone their separate ways. It was an impressive debut, and I had wondered what had happened to the pair. Thanks to a recent recommendation from BTB contributor Rob Proffe, one half of the duo is back on our radar, Peter Bradley Adams. Adams has released as far as I know, two solo discs, his latest, 'Leavetaking' from '08, and we found out that he is currently working on a new disc down in Nashville. According to Adams half the new songs were written while out on the road last fall and the other half were written on a 3 week trip he recently took to India. While there is no definite date set for the release, he plans to get it out as quickly as possible, with the possibility of an early digital release.

To purchase Leavetaking you can go here:


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