Monday, March 30, 2009

Ed Harcourt: plays 'Russian Roulette'

UK singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt has never been one to be afraid to get personal in his music, and on his new EP Russian Roulette, due out on May 5th (Dovecote Records) he sticks to that same winning formula. His new 6 track 'mini album', which is his first new work since 2006's A Beautiful Lie , is meant to be a buffer of sorts for fans, 'till his new full length comes out sometime next year. The six tracks delve into some recent highs and lows that Harcourt experienced earlier in the year, like on the track, "Caterpillar" about his newborn daughter Roxy, who had been placed in an incubator after birth. Describing the experience Harcourt says, "It's the first song I've written about her. She was a little ill and we waited for her in the hospital for the chrysalis so we could take her home." On the title track, "Russian Roulette" he adds, "We've all got that one acquaintance who acts out of their league, it's a constant pain. But you still love them.. Every fucking singer is that typical molotov cocktail of insecurity and arrogance. It's no excuse unless you can back it up."
The new Ep was recorded and mixed in just the span of a few days with London based producer Dave Lynch. As for tour dates, Harcourt currently just has a few select shows scheduled in the UK, with plans in the works to return to the US for some dates in May and June. Stay tuned.

Russian Roulette track listing:
1. Russian Roulette
2. Sour Milk, Motheaten Silk
3. Black Feathers
4. Caterpillar
5. Creep Out Of The Woodwork
6. Girl With The One Track Mind

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