Thursday, March 26, 2009

get to know: Ume

The powerful Austin, TX trio, Ume, are geared for big things in 2009. The band just recently released their new 5 song EP, Sunshower that delivers the bands high energy, wide ranging sound. Led by dynamic frontwoman Lauren Lagner Larson, the band do their best to defy genres or labels, going from raw punk rock all the way to delicately orchestrated numbers on the new EP, mixing equal parts early 90's Breeders, with hints of My Bloody Valentine. From the beautiful slow builder "Sunshower" to the the explosive "'Conductor", the band flat out bring it on the new disc, leaving you looking for more. With the backing support of some big name fans, like Gang of Four bassist and Pampelmoose founder Dave Allen, the band have been garnering a good share of buzz, including a stop at this years SXSW music showcase. Right now the band have tentative plans for a full length release later in the year, stay tuned.

Ume on myspace.

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