Monday, March 2, 2009

East Hundred-'Passenger'

The breakup album has been done thousands of times by thousands of bands. Even East Hundred's lead singer, Beril Guceri admits so on their website when she says “We’re not the first band to write a breakup album, and we’re not the first band to have formed, in part, around a romantic relationship." But it's the second part of that statement that gives East Hundred's new disc, Passenger it's substance, with a unique twist. As the story goes, the band began in 2004 when brothers Brooke(guitars) and Will (drums) invited Brooke’s then-girlfriend, Guceri to add vocals to their tracks. But as the group began recording tracks for Passenger in '07, Brooke and Beril’s relationship was no longer working. Deciding to stick it out as a band and finish the sessions, the group ended up with a wealth of new subject matter that resulted in a full LP instead of the originally intended EP.
Were all better for it in the end, because the finished product is a melodic gem. With the running themes of love and loss, the band maneuver through lush indie rock territory on tracks like lead single "Slow Burning Crimes" with it's driving bass, the angular guitar work on "Autopilot", or the menacing "Plus Minus." The lush ballad “After Love” closes things out with a soaring outro, awash in layers of harmonies, piano and xylophone.
The band is currently unsigned, which shouldn't be for too long, but the album is still available for purchase via iTunes or on their website.

"Slow Burning Crimes" from East Hundred on Vimeo.

East Hundred tour dates:
Mar 14 The Trash Bar Brooklyn, New York
Mar 21 Mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware
Mar 27 Johnny Brendas Philadelphia, Penn.

East Hundred on Myspace.

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