Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Hold Steady: Releasing Doumentary & Live CD

One of America's hardest working rock bands, The Hold Steady, will be hitting stores this coming April 7th with a new Documentary DVD/ Live CD called A Positive Rage. Known for their reputation as a great live band, the documentary starts off with a performance by the guys from London back in '06, and then follows them back across the Atlantic on a tour across the U.S., before ending with a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, which some of you might recall as the spot where Prince filmed Purple Rain. As far as the live album goes, it was taken from a set in Chicago in '07, and features 17 songs, as well as 5 bonus tracks.

A Positive Rage track listing
01 Intro
02 Stuck Between Stations
03 The Swish
04 Chips Ahoy!
05 Massive Nights
06 Ask Her For Adderall
07 Barfruit Blues
08 Same Kooks
09 You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came With)
10 Lord, I’m Discouraged
11 You Can Make Him Like You
12 Your Little Hoodrat Friend
13 Southtown Girls
14 Citrus
15 First Night
16 Girls Like Status
17 Killer Parities

Listen to The Hold Steady on myspace.

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