Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ride shotgun with: East Hundred

East Hundred are a new five-piece from Philadelphia, who's lush and melodic sound has drawn comparisons to Denali, Land of Talk, and even Death Cab For Cutie. Next Tuesday January 13th, the band will self-release their first full-length effort, the 9 track LP, Passenger. East Hundred has an interesting backstory, as the group began as a small basement recording project in '04 when brothers Brooke and Will Blair (guitars and drums, respectively) invited Beril Guceri, Brooke’s then-girlfriend, to add vocals to their synth heavy downtempo tracks. Later in '07 just as work started to begin on Passenger, Brooke and Beril’s relationship ended. Rather than call it quits with the band also, the two trudged on with the recording, which resulted in a wealth of new material filled with new heartache, emotions and of course awkwardness. What was intended to be an EP soon became a full-fledged album. Below you can check out the track "Slow Burning" from the new disc.

"Slow Burning Crimes" from East Hundred on Vimeo.

East Hundred on myspace.

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