Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crystal Antlers: ready debut & tour

One of the more hotly anticipated albums of 2009, is the new debut disc from California's Crystal Antlers. The new full length, titled Tentacles will be coming out April 7th US/ April 6th in Europe on Touch & Go records, and it will be the follow up to their 2008 self titled EP. The band recorded the new disc over a one week span in San Francisco's Closer studios. The sessions saw the bands original guitarist Errol Davis rejoining the group for the making of the album. The group will be heading out on a huge tour later this month, which includes their first ever dates in Europe. To see all the listings you can visit their myspace.

Tentacles Track listing:
1- Painless Sleep
2- Dust
3- Time Erased
4- Andrew
5- Vapor Trail
6- Tentacles
7- Until the Sun Dies (Part One)
8- Memorized
9- Glacier
10- Foot of the Mountain
11- Your Spears
12- Swollen Sky
13- Several Tongues

Crystal Antlers myspace.

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