Thursday, January 29, 2009

Metric announce album details

The Canadian band Metric, led by dynamic frontwoman Emily Haines, have announced the details of their fourth studio album, titled Fantasies, which is scheduled for an April 14th release date. The band took an unusual and risky chance on the new record, deciding to self-finance the album, which includes even going as far as hiring their own distribution staff to handle the release in major markets such as the US, UK, Europe, and Japan. They band will use existing labels for the release in Canada and Mexico.
The new album which was produced by Gavin Brown and Jimmy Shaw, will be available for pre-sale starting on March 2nd if you go to Those that pre-order, will receive the album's first single, "Help I'm Alive" plus other bonus materials in advance of the release date. Also, if you head over to the site now, you can receive a free acoustic version of the track.

Fantasies track listing:

Help I'm Alive
Sick Muse
Satellite Mind
Twilight Galaxy
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Collect Call
Front Row
Stadium Love

From 2005's 'Live It Out':

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