Thursday, January 15, 2009

Radiohead- first 3 albums getting reissued with bonus material

Radiohead and Capitol Records didn't split on friendly terms, but that's not stopping the label from trying to squeeze a bit more cash from the bands name. The label is reissuing Radioheads first three albums, Pablo Honey, The Bends and OK Computer, in numerous forms. There will be expanded double and triple disc formats ,with each album getting the collectors edition treatment. What does that mean? Well all three will come out as a Collectors Edition 2 CD set, featuring the original album with a bonus disc of B-sides and live performances from the group. Then there's also a Special Collectors Edition, which adds on the regular expanded set with an added DVD with various music videos and live footage of the band. None of the discs actually feature any new previously unreleased material from the group. Capitol is putting out the reissues this March 24th.

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