Thursday, March 22, 2012

Harriet- "I Slept with All Your Mothers"

Former Dawes member Alex Casnoff has a new project out called, Harriet. Stepping out from behind the keys the multi-instrumentalist formed the L.A. band and released their debut EP, Tell The Right Story this January. Casnoff said of the new work ...“I finally feel like I can articulate what I’ve been feeling. I was the piano player in all these other people’s bands, and yet I never felt like a piano player. I always thought of myself as a writer, and there just came a point when I felt like I was ready.”
The five-song disc has an angst and an urgency to it, which is most evident on the standout track, “I Slept With All Your Mothers,” which is as an infectious a song as I've heard this year. Try not to belt out the chorus too loud if your at work though. 

Check out the new video for the song that was directed by Ethan Berger below.

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