Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wooden Sky- "Bald, Naked, & Red" (live session)

The Wooden Sky continue their work with videographer/director Scott Cudmore. The band recently filmed a series of clips with the director entitled, Grace on a Hill. The first piece in a 5 part series features the band in a Toronto church performing the track “Bald, Naked, and Red,” from their newly released album Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon. 
Here's what Cudmore had to say about the series ...“The idea was the make something episodic that would develop as it progressed and in that way the narrative context would give a different dimension to the songs—exactly like in a movie where the drama gives a different context to the song used on the soundtrack, only in this project the songs are the centerpiece and are performed live while the narrative is the backdrop instead of the other way around.” Watch Pt. 1 below.

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